The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost  July  2       Proper 8          with Carol Lynch, oboe
Mass    Powell and Hurd
Psalm 13     metrical setting  tune:  Dickinson College

Anthem    There’s a wideness in God’s mercy  C. Hampton    
Solo  Simple Gifts Brackett; arr. Copland            

Hymn       718 National Hymn          529 McKee          316 Canticum refectionis          579 Melita
Oboe/Organ   Create in Me a Clean Heart M. Lynch; Duane Ream/ Paul Jantz, arr.
                                        Aeoliana  E. Gates
Organ   Jig W. Selby          Fanfare Sowerby

The Third Sunday after Pentecost  June 25       Proper 7
Mass    Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 86:1-6, 16-17     Robert Knox Kennedy

Anthem  Morning has broken anon. Gaelic melody; A. Clark
Hymn   47 Gott sei Dank          675 Bourbon          629 The Third Tune          296 Engelberg
Organ   Mass for the Convents (excerpts) F. Couperin          Air in B Flat Thiman                         
             Toccata in G Dubois

The Second Sunday after Pentecost   June 18      Proper 6
Mass    Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 116:1, 10-17    metrical setting
Anthem  Hail to the Lord’s Annointed German tune; H. Walford Davies, adapt./harm.; B. Power, arr.
Hymn   535 Paderborn          540 Dir, dir, Jehovah          528 Rowthorn          539 Tidings 
Organ   Hour of Consecration; Hour of Joy  Bossi         Toccata per elevatione Frescobaldi

The First Sunday after Pentecost:  Trinity Sunday   June 11 Morning Prayer and The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II   
Introit  Praise to  the Trinity Hildegard of Bingen
Canticles   Jubilate  Hymn 377          Benedicite, omnia opera Domini 427          Benedictus es, Domine S 231                            
Mass     Proulx and Hurd
Anthem   Let all mortal flesh keep silence  anon. 17th c. French; Stephen Cleobury, arr.
                Christ be with me  Rawsthorne
Hymn   362 Nicaea          370 St. Patrick’s Breastplate/Deidre          366 Grosser Gott
Organ   Prelude and Fugue in E Flat, BWV 552  J. S. Bach          Trinitas Wannes Vanderhoeven          Meditation VI on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity  Messiaen

The Day of Pentecost:  Whitsunday     June 4, 2017
Introit  Veni Creator Spiritus   Plainsong, Mode VIII
Mass    Powell and Hurd
Psalm 104:25-35, 37     responsorial     Tone VIII.2
Anthem  Come, Holy Ghost    Thiman          Gracious Spirit, dwell with me    anon. 17th cent. French; K. Lee Scott, arr.
Hymn    225 Salve festa dies          516 Down Ampney          511 Abbot’s Leigh          228 Webbe          506 Finnian
Organ   Offertory-Fantasy for Feast of Pentecost  Guilmant          Kyrie, God Holy Ghost, BWV 671  J. S. Bach          Te Deum  Demessieux