Ash Wednesday          February 26, 2020
Mass                     Hurd and  Merbecke           
Hymn                    674 Detroit          142 St. Flavian          149 Old 124th                       
Organ                   Miserere – Byrd       Ballad in the Phrygian Mode; Dorian Chorale – Alain

First Sunday in Lent          March 1, 2020

Introit                    This is our accepted time – Vulpius  
Mass                       Hurd and Merbecke        
Psalm                    Psalm 32 – responsorial  – Tone 4.C
Hymn                     150 Aus der Tiefe rufe ich          142 St. Flavian         143 Erhalt uns, Herr   
Anthem                 Lord, who throughout these forty days anon. English; R. Shephard, arr.
Hymn-Anthem    I to the hills will lift mine eyes – Anon. English tune, 1718  
Organ                   Priere – C. Franck          Symphony I: Meditation; Symphony III: Prelude – Widor 

Second Sunday in Lent          March 8, 2020
Mass                     Hurd and Merbecke      .         
Psalm                    121 – metrical setting, Hymn 668
Hymn                    489 Tallis’ Ordinal          313 Jesus, meine Zuversicht        401 Leoni             
Anthem                 Wondrous Love – anon. British tune, pre-1701; G. Lynn, arr.
Organ                   Symphony VI: Aria – Vierne          Elevation I, Op 32  Dupré          Fugue in Cm on a Theme of Henri Rabaud  – Durufle

Third Sunday in Lent          March 15, 2020
Mass                     Merbecke     
Psalm                    95   metrical setting; tune: Bourbon; text:  C. L. Webber         
Hymn                    456 de Tar          148 Uffingham          149 Old 124th
Anthem                I heard the voice of Jesus say – Tallis; Witherup, arr.
Organ                   Symphony II: Adagio – Widor          Ciacona in Em, BuxWV 160 – Buxtehude          Elevation II, Op. 32 – Dupré          Fugue in B minor, BWV 579 – J. S. Bach

Fourth Sunday in Lent          March 22, 2020    
Introit                    He that is down needs fear no fall – anon. tune:   Wigtown; from Scottish Psalter, 1635
Mass                     Hurd and Merbecke    
Psalm                    23  Robert Knox Kennedy 
Hymn                    633 Liebster Jesu          429 Old 113th          493 Azmon
Anthem                 Panis angelicus – C. Franck         
Hymn-Anthem    Lord Jesus, Sun of righteousness – Darke
Organ                   Choral in Bm – C. Franck          Laetare, mov. IV (L’Orgue mystique) – Tournemire           Hail, true body; At this our solemn feast, Op. 45 – Dupré         
                                                                            Litanies – Alain

Fifth  Sunday in Lent          March 29, 2020 
Sung Great Litany in Procession
Mass                     Merbecke     
Psalm                    130 – Hymn 666 St. Bride
Hymn                    Help us, Lord – Erhalt uns, Herr          641 Southwell          457 St. James      
Anthem                 Jesus, the very thought of thee – Plainsong, Mode 2; A. Clarke, arr.
Organ                   Psalm-Prelude on Psalm 130:1 – Howells          Elevation III, Op. 32;          Lamento – Dupré