First Sunday after the Epiphany:  The Baptism of our Lord          January 12, 2020  
Introit                   And when Jesus had been baptized – Tone VIII.2
Mass                     Powell and Hurd
Psalm                    29 – metrical setting: Webber; Festal Song
Anthem                 The Baptism of Christ – R. Aarons
Hymn                    569 Russia          121 Caithness          132 Erhalt uns, Herr          251 London New         120 Solemnis haec festivitas
Organ                    Christ our Lord, to Jordan came – Zachow         
Preludio:  The Baptism of Christ  Derek Healey         
                                  Christ, our Lord, to Jordan came, BWV 684/685 – J. S. Bach          Fantasy and Fugue in Am, BWV 561  J. S. Bach

Second Sunday after the Epiphany   January 19, 2020
Mass                     420 Decius and Hurd
Psalm                    40:1-12 – Wie schön leuchte; Tone VIII.2; B. Power, adapt.
Anthem                 Christ is the world’s true light – Stanton
Hymn                    497 Wie schön leuchte          132 Erhalt uns, Herr         336 Werde munter          599 Lift Every Voice
Organ                    Wie schön leuchtet – Pepping          How bright appears the morning star   Distler and J. Barr.         
O Lamb of God, P. 393  Pachelbel          Grand Dialogue  (First Tone) – Boyvin

Third Sunday after the Epiphany         January 26, 2020 
Mass                     Decius 421 and Hurd
Psalm                   27:1, 5-13 – R. N. Kennedy
Anthem                Rise, crowned with light – L. Bourgeois; Willan, arr.
Hymn                    530 Gott sei Dank          661 Georgetown          321 Rockingham          126 Dundee                  
Organ                    Suite in the 8th Tone  – Boyvin          Chorale Prelude on Rockingham – Parry

The Presentation          February 2, 2020
                                    Steve Snodgrass, violin
Introit                    Behold, our Lord will come with power – Tone VIII.2
Mass                        Mathias and Hurd
Psalm                      24:7-10  R. N. Kennedy
Anthems                Nunc dimittis in Cm – Dyson        
                                    Send out your light – C. Gounod/Adolphe Herman; B. Power, adapt.
Hymn                       436 Truro          257 St. Flavian          490 Tallis’ Ordinal          324 Picardy
Violin/Organ         Sonata in E, Op. 2, #10 – M. Mascitti         
Organ                        A Light to Lighten the Gentiles, Op. 48 – Marcel Dupré