The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday – June 9, 2019
Cal Alexander, violin
Introit   Come, Holy Ghost – Plainsong, Mode 8  (Veni Creator)

Mass    Mathias and Hurd                                                                                                         
Psalm  104:25-35, 37       responsorial        Plainsong and Tone VIII.2   
Hymns    225 Salve festa dies        511 Abbot’s Leigh       512 Mendon        516 Down Ampney
Anthems   Come down, O love divine – N. Gilbert          The Nicene Creed – C. Hampton
Violin      Sonata I: Fuga, BWV 1001 – J. S. Bach

Violin/Organ        Concerto No. 2: Romance – Wieniawski       
Organ:                   Offertory-Fantasy for the Feast of Pentecost, op.65            Kyrie, God Holy Ghost, BWV 671 – J. S. Bach

First Sunday after Pentecost:  Trinity Sunday     June 16, 2019
Steve Snodgrass, violin
Introit    Praise to the Trinity    Hildegard of Bingen    
Mass      Mathias and Hurd
Canticle  S 231    A Song of Praise-Benedictus es, Domine   Plainsong, Tone 8  
Anthems  O ye who bear Christ’s holy name – G. Sampson          The Nicene Creed – C. Hampton
Hymn  362 Nicaea          512 Mendon          367 Rustington          370 St. Patrick’s Breastplate/Deidre          366 Grosser Gott
Violin and Organ    Sonata in B Flat, op. 5, #15 – Vivaldi          Sonate, Op.21, #3: Preludio-Largo – Veracini

Second Sunday after Pentecost    PR7     June 23, 2019
Michael Scarlato, Trumpet
Introit                   You are a priest for ever  – Tone VIII.2 
Choir Hymn        Veni Creator – Plainsong, Mode VIII     
Mass                     Mathias, Hampton, and Hurd
Canticle                Te Deum – metrical setting     tune: St. Patrick’s Breastplate/Deidre      text: Ted Clarkson
Psalm                    42 – B. Power, adapt. ; Psalm 43 – R. N. Kennedy
Anthem                O Love of God, how strong and true – C. Hampton        The Call – R. V. Williams
Hymn                    360 Rouen          567 St. Matthew          585 Bingham         318 Nyack          492 Finnian
Trumpet/Organ    Sinfonia in D, G.2 – Torelli             La Grace from Heroic Music – Telemann                                                            
Organ   Alla Marcia – Ireland                   Symphony II: Finale – Widor

Eve of the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul           June 28, 2019      6:30 p.m.
A service celebrating and remembering the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the beginning of the LGBT Rights Movement
Mass                     N. Decius, Proulx, and Hurd
Psalm                    87   St. Anne, W. Croft; Tone VIII.2; Bruce Power, adapt.
Solo                        Simple Song – L. Bernstein
Hymn                    599 Lift Every Voice          661 Georgetown          286 Zeuch mich, zeuch mich          636 Founcation          657 Hyfrydol
Suite II: Lullaby and Trumpet Tunes – C. Hampton          Allabreve, BWV 589 – J. S. Bach

Third Sunday after Pentecost    PR 8     June 30, 2019
Mass                     Mathias, Hampton, and Hurd
Psalm                    77:1-2, 11-20  Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem                Hail to the Lord’s Annointed – Anon. German tune/Davies, harm.; B. Power, arr.
Hymn                    518 Westminster Abbey          565 Monk’s Gate          607 Llangloffan          525 Aurelia
Organ                   Suite II: Lullaby and Trumpet Tunes C. Hampton          Tu es Petra – Mulet          Flute Solo – Thomas Arne

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost    PR 9     July 7, 2019
Mass                      Powell, Hampton, and Hurd
Psalm                    30  Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem                Morning has broken – A. Clarke, arr.
Hymn                    535 Paderborn          613 St. Cecilia          541 (1-3) Ora Labora          539 Tidings
Organ                   Madrigal – Sowerby   Interlude from Three Pieces – Sowerby        Song of Peace; Heroic Song – Langlais

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost    PR 10     July 14, 2019
Mass                     Powell, Hampton, and Hurd
Psalm                    82  R. N. Kennedy
Anthem                Be thou my vision – anon. Irish folk tune; Richard Shephard, arr.
Hymn                    657 Hyfrydol           581 (1-3) Cheshire          304 Land of Rest          610 Blaenhafren         
Organ                   Three Pieces – W. Walton; Be thou my vision – R. Furr, arr.      Andante tranquillo, Fanfare – P. Whitlock

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost    PR 11     July 21, 2019
Mass                     Powell, Hampton, and Hurd
Psalm                   52  text:  Julie and Timothy Tennent; tunes:  Kingsfold/Azmon
Anthem               Jesus the very thought of thee – Plainsong; Arlen Clarke
Hymn                    423 St. Denio          631 Liebster Jesu          677 (1-3) London New     401 Leoni         
Organ                   Fantasy in C – Franck          Pastorale in C and Sortie in Gm – Lefebure – Wely          

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost    PR 12     July 28, 2019
Mass                     Powell and Hurd
Psalm                    responsorial   St. Bees; Tone VIII.2; B. Power adapt.
Anthem                Who at my door is standing?  anon. English tune; K. Lee Scott, arr.
Hymn                    410 Lauda anima          674 Detroit          488 Slane          690 Cwm Rhondda         
Organ                   The Lord’s Prayer – Böhm, Krebs, J. S. Bach, BWV 683          Grand Choeur, Op. 84-Guilmant

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost    PR 13     August 4, 2019
Mass                     420 N. Decius, Proulx, and Hurd
Psalm                    Psalm 107:1-9, 43   – Robert Knox Kennedy                                                        
Anthem                Bread of the world, in mercy broken – Bourgeois; C. Young, arr.
Hymn                    397 Nun danket alle Gott          656 Franconia          326 St. Keverne          388 Hanover
Organ                   Mass in the 8th  Tone – G. Corrette