The Seventh Sunday of Easter:  The Sunday after Ascension Day    May 13, 2018  Daily Morning Prayer and The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Mass      Proulx and Hurd
Invitatory Choir Canticle     Christ our Passover  –  Roth
Canticles  Dignus es   text:  Webber             679 The First Song of Isaiah-Ecce, Deus      Thomas Merton
Duet   Come, let us make a joyful noise – Handel; Frederickson. arr.  
Hymn   483 St. Magnus          219 Ach Herr, du allerhöchster Gott          450 Coronation
Organ    Ascension Suite:  Majesty of Christ, Prayer of Christ ascending toward his father  –   Messiaen          Trumpet Tune in D – David N. Johnson
Incantation for a Holy Day – Langlais

The Sixth Sunday of Easter      May 6, 2018
with Steve Snodgrass, violin
Canticle    Christ our Passover        tune:  Diademata  text:        Christopher L. Webber
Mass    Proulx and Hurd

Psalm 98    responsorial   Tone VIII.2; BP
Anthem  Love is all our joy  –  anon. 16th cent. English; Malcolm Archer, arr. 
Hymn              411 St. Thomas (Williams)          413 Rendez à Dieu         581 Cheshire         344 Sicilian Mariners
Violin and Harpsichord      Sonata in F  –  C.-A. Branche             
Violin and Organ         Sonata in G: Gigue   –  Dornel
Organ    Prelude, Op. 31, Book I   –    Vierne          Carillon-Sortie   –    Mulet 

The Fifth Sunday of Easter      April 29, 2018         
Mass    Proulx and Hurd
Canticle            Christ our Passover        tune: Diademata      text: Christopher L. Webber   
Psalm 22:24-30     Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem   The Call – R. Vaughan Williams
Hymn   457 St. James          513 Bridegroom          379 Abbot’s Leigh          448 Deus tuorum militum
Organ  Alleluia!  Praise our God – Scheidemann          Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV 536 –   J. S. Bach          Selected Voluntaries – S. Wesley

The Fourth Sunday of Easter      April 22, 2018
Canticle  Christ our Passover    tune:  Diadamata          text: Christopher L. Webber
Psalm 23    Robert Knox Kennedy   
Anthems    Brother James’ Air  – J. Gibson, arr.          Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep – Pierre de Corbeil; Lenel, arr.
Hymn        478 Monk’s Gate          708 Sicilian Mariners          343 St. Agnes          174 Salzburg
Organ    Trio Sonata in C:  mov. I and III – J. S. Bach          The Good Shepherd – Benoit          Sortie – Tournemire

The Third Sunday of Easter   April 15, 2018
Mass      Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 4    metrical setting   tune:  St. James     text:  Christopher L. Webber
Anthem   This joyful Eastertide  – anon. 17th cent. Dutch; Somervell, arr.
Hymn    180 Unser Herrscher          193 Puer nobis           305 Rosedale          208 Victory
Organ    Rhythm of Easter – S. Bingham          Offertory on “Victimae paschali” (Easter Mass) – Jean-Marie Plum
               Chorale-Improvisation on “Victimae paschali” – (trans. Durufle)  Tournemire

The Second Sunday of Easter      April 8, 2018          Holy Baptism with The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Mass  Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 133 R. N. Kennedy

Anthem  O sons and daughters, let us sing! anon. French, 17 c.; Stanford, arr.
Hymn   182 Truro                       209 St. Botolph          296 Engelberg          193 (1-3) Puer nobis             212 Richmond
Organ    O sons and daughters, let us sing! Demessieux, LeBègue, and Dandrieu          Toccata on “O filli et filae” Farnam

The Sunday of the Resurrection:  Easter Day          April 1, 2018
with Francisco Javier Ballestas Sayas, trumpet
Mass     Mathias          Hurd
Introit I have risen  Tone VIII.2

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24     responsorial     Plainsong, Tone VIII.2
Anthems  He is risen C.Cope               Easter Carol de Corbeil; Fedak, arr.
Hymn    207 Easter Hymn          210 Ellacombe        180 Unser Herrscher (1 and 4)          174 Salzburg          199 St. Kevin
Trumpet and Organ       Adagio festivo (Trumpet Concerto, Op. 18) Böhme          March No. 1 (Heroic Music) Telemann          Jesus Christ is risen today  J. H. E. Koch, arr.
Organ  Fanfare Lemmens          Voluntary IX (Vivace) S. Wesley          Toccata (Symphony V) Widor