First Sunday after Pentecost:  Trinity Sunday       May 30, 2021
With guest violinist, Cal  Alexander
Introit               Praise to the Trinity – Hildegard of Bingen
Mass                  Mathias and Hurd

Canticle           Benedictus es, Domine S 231 – Tone VIII   
Off. Prose        Blessed be the Holy Trinity   Tone VIII.2
Anthem            O ye who bear Christ’s holy name – Godfrey Sampson 

Hymns             362 Nicaea          489 Tallis’Ordinal          370 St. Patrick’s Breastplate/Deidre               367 Rustington         657 Hyfrydol  

Violin                 Ballade – Ysaÿe; Reciative and Scherzo – Kreisler
Violin/Organ  Cantabile – Paganini
Organ                 Meditation VI on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity – Messiaen

Second Sunday after Pentecost     Proper 5       June 6, 2021
Mass                   Powell and Hurd
Psalm 138        Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem             All people that on earth do dwell – G. Young
Hymns               48 Es flog ein klein’s Waldvögelein     529 McKee     50 London New     535 Paderborn

Organ                 Hour of Consecration & Hour of Joy – Bossi; Pastorale -Franzosini; Elevation Toccata – Frescobaldi

Third Sunday after Pentecost     PR6       June 13, 2021
Mass                      421, Proulx and Hurd
Psalm 20              Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem                Father, we thank thee who has planted – Louis Bourgeois; B. Power arr.
Hymns                  522 Austria      588 St. Flavian      209 St. Botolph      307 Bryn Calfaria     527 Ton-y-Botel  
Organ                    Concerto in Gm – Mancia (Manzia); J. Walther, trans.           Largo, RV 93 – Vivaldi; Norris, trans.;
                                                                 Entrée Pontificale – Bossi  

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost     PR7       June 20, 2021
Mass                      421, Proulx and Hurd
Psalm 133            Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem                Morning has broken – Anon. Scottish Gaelic tune; A. Clarke, arr.
Solo                        My song shall be always of the loving-kindness – G. Sampson            
Hymns                  636 Foundation     608 Melita       699 Aberystwyth       379 Abbot’s Leigh
Organ                    Chanson de Matin, Vesper Voluntary, Imperial March – Elgar       Flute Solo – Arne

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost     PR8       June 27, 2021
Mass                   421, Proulx, and Hurd
Psalm 130        George Mursell Garrett
Anthem            Thy church, O God – Thiman
Hymns              525 Aurelia    493 Azmon     360 Rouen     518 Westminster Abbey
Organ               Air; Psalm-Prelude on Psalm 130:4 – Howells Fanfare – Lemmens

Pride Mass     June 26, 2021      5:00 p.m.
Mass                 421, Proulx, and Hurd
Solos                There a wideness; O love of God – C. Hampton
Hymns             438 Woodlands     379 Abbot’s Leigh     Anthony (K. Miller)     636 Foundation
Organ               Joy – Peloquin

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost     PR9       July 4, 2021   
Steve Snodgrass, violin
Mass                 Powell and Hurd
Psalm 48         R. N. Kennedy
Anthem           Jubilate Deo – Purvis 
Solo                  Simple Gifts – Brackett; Copland, arr.
Hymns             392 Vineyard Haven      529 McKee      312 Malabar     551 Festal Song
Violin/Organ   Sonata VI in A – Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La Guerre
Chant héroïque – Langlais; Sonata First tone – Lidón

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost     PR10       July 11, 2021
Mass                   Powell and Hurd
Psalm 24          Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem            Let all mortal flesh – anon. 17th c. French; Stephen Cleobury, arr
Hymns              436 Truro     628 St. Ethelwald      339 Schmücke dich     376 Hymn to Joy
Organ                Suite Evocatrice – Tournemire     Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness – Brahms         Fanfare – Sowerby

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost     Proper 11       July 18, 2021
Mass                Powell and Hurd
Psalm               89:20-37 – Tone VIII.2 
Anthem            Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep – de Corbeil; Lenel, arr.
Hymns             537 Moscow     567 St. Matthew     472 Donne secours     636 Foundation         
Organ                Fantasy in C – Franck; Pastorale in C and Sortie in Gm – Lefebure-Wely    

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost     PR12      July 25, 2021
Mass                Powell and Hurd
Psalm              14  Responsorial:  Slane, Tone VIII.2; B. Power, adapt.
Anthem           If thou but trust in God to guide thee – Neumark; B. Power, arr.
Hymns             414 Stuttgart     301 Rendez à Dieu     488 Slane      404 Old 124th
Organ               Folk Tune, Andante tranquillo, Fanfare – P. Whitlock       
                                             Celtic Melody – O’Connor-Morris       If thou but trust in God to guide thee, BWV 690 – J. S. Bach 

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost     PR13     August 1, 2021
Mass                Mathias and Hurd
Psalm               51:1-13   
Anthems         O Lord most high – Tallis; R. Shephard, arr.         Bread of the world – Bourgeois; C. Young, arr.
Hymns             526 Dundee     301 Rendez à Dieu     341 Omni die          594 Cwm Rhondda
Organ               Miserere – Byrd     Have mercy, O Lord – Wather     Hornpipe – J. Cook           
                                                                             Introduction-Chorale and Toccata – Boëllman  

Eleventh  Sunday after Pentecost     PR14     August 8, 2021  
Mass                   Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 130        metrical setting Hymn 666 St. Bride                          
Anthem             Bread of Heaven, on Thee we feed – Heinlein; Dornel; B. Power, arr.
Hymns                7 Ratisbon     343 St. Agnes        318 Nyack   475 Tysk
Organ                  Novelette I and Communion – Purvis             Cantique – Elgar
                                       Grand Choeur, Op, 84 – Guilmant

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost     PR14     August 15, 2021  
Mass                   Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 111        Plainsong                               
Anthem             The spacious firmament on high – J. Haydn
Solos                   Ubi caritas – Anon. 8th cent. hymn                   Ave Maria – Schubert 
Hymns                Hymn  420 Engelberg     323 Jesu, Jesu, du mein Hirt        328 Song 46 (1-3)       665 Michael
Organ                  Works of J. Haydn                               Ubi caritas – Benoit               
                                    Marche en Rondeau (Te Deum, H. 146)  –  M.-A. Charpentier

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost     PR16    August 22, 2021  
Mass                Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 84        Winchester Old; Tone VIII.2 – B. Power adapt.                   
Anthem          O bread of life – D. A. White
Hymns             427 Laudes Domini     323 Jesu, Jesu, du mein Hirt        304 Land of Rest        688 Ein feste burg           
Organ               Prelude in B – Saint-Saens         Ein fest burg, BWV 720 – J. S. Bach
                                Mass of the Holy Sacrament:  Communion and Postlude – Grunenwald
Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost     PR17    August 29, 2021  
Mass                                    Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 45:1-2, 7-10       R. N. Kennedy
Anthem                              Draw us in the spirit’s tether – H. Friedell; B. Power, adapt.
Hymns                                618 Lasst uns erfreuen      632 Munich      500 Surrey      556 Marion          
Organ                                   A Meditation on Draw us in the spirit tether – G. Hancock            Suite 8th Tone – G. Corrette                                                                                                                          Lo, the winter is past – Dupre’   

The Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost: September 5
Mass                                 Hymn 421 and Hurd
Psalm 125                      R. N. Kennedy
Anthem                           Let all the world in every corner sing—Harwood; arr. B. Power
Hymns                             610 Blaenhafren; 493 Azmon; 603 St. Botolph; 408 Mit Freuden zart         
Organ                              Preludio ‘Sine Nomine’—Howells; Fantasia in the First Mode—Morley; March—Dupré

The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost: September 12
Bishop’s Visitation; Baptism and Confirmations
Steve Snodgrass, violin
Introit                              Veni Creator—Plainsong Mode VIII                   
Mass                                 Proulx and Hurd
Psalm 19                        Responsorial J. Haydn; adapt. B. Power
Anthems                        Christ is the world’s true light—Stanton; God be with me – Rawsthorne          
Hymns                             506 Finnian; 675 Bourbon; 349 Aberstwyth; 516 Down Ampney
Violin/Organ                 Works by Dornel, Quentin, and Leclair       
Organ                               Carillon-Sortie—Mulet

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost     PR 20    September 19, 2021
The Solemnity of the Feast of the Holy Cross – Celebration of Holy Cross’ Name Day 

Propers for the Feast of the Holy Cross
Thomas Hundemer, French horn      Sally Horak, Flute
Mass                                Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 98                        Plainsong/Tone VIII.2
Anthems                       Panis angelicus – C. Franck               Hymn-Anthem:  When I survey the wondrous cross – Rockingham   
Hymns                           473 Crucifer      680 St. Anne          434 de Tar                 458 Love Unknown          594 Cwm Rhondda
Flute/Horn/ Organ   Pastorale – Ewazen
Flute                               Fantasia – Telemann
Horn/Organ                 Rondo (Concerto E Flat, K. 495) – Mozart
Organ                             Tu es Petra – Mulet

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost     PR 21    September 26, 2021
Mass                                Hymn 421,  Proulx, and Hurd
Psalm 124                     Plainsong/B. Power, adapt.
Anthems                       All praise to God – Vulpius; Lenel, arr.
Hymns                           8 Bunessan           565 Monk’s Gate          692 The Third Tune          544 Duke Street
Organ                             Prelude and Fugue in Am, BWV 543 – J. S. Bach;                Communion – Rabey; Aria – C. van Hulse