The Sunday of the Resurrection:  Easter Day          April 21, 2019
with Francisco Javier Ballestas Sayas, Trumpet
Mass      Mathias and Hurd    
Introit     I have risen  Tone VIII.2
Psalm      118:1-2, 14-24      responsorial        Plainsong Tone VIII.2
Anthems  Alleluia!  Hearts to Heaven Stanton             O sons and daughters, let us sing  Stanford, arr.                    
Hymn     207 Easter Hymn          210 Ellacombe        180 Unser Herrscher        174 Salzburg          199 St. Kevin
Trumpet and Organ  Concerto in D Vivaldi; J. S. Bach, trans; H. Morgan, arr.                       Adagio (Concerto in D, TWV 51:D7 ) Telemann   
Organ  Toccata in G Dubois          Toccata (Symphony V) Widor

The Second Sunday of Easter Day          April 28, 2019
Mass      Mathias and Hurd    
Canticle   Christ our Passover       metrical: Diademata         text: Christopher L. Webber
Psalm 150   metrical setting         Scottish Psalter, adapt.; St. Anne
Anthem  O sons and daughters, let us sing! – anon. French, 17 c.; Stanford, arr.   
Hymn    182 Truro          209 St. Botolph        206 O filii et filiae            193 Puer nobis
Organ  O sons and daughters, let us sing! – Demessieux, LeBègue, and Dandrieu      
                Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals – Karg-Elert                    Toccata on O filli et filae   –  Farnam      

The Third Sunday of Easter Day          May 5, 2019
Mass      Mathias and Hurd 
Canticle   Christ our Passover           metrical: Diademata              text: Christopher L. Webber
Psalm 30    Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem  This joyful Eastertide  – Anon. 17th c. Dutch; Arthur Somervell, arr.
Hymn    212 Richmond          665 (stanzas 1, 3, and 5) Michael          305 Rosedale          492 Finnian    
Organ  Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV 536 – J. S. Bach               Offertory on “Victimae paschali” – Plum 
              Chorale-Improvisation on “Victimae paschali” (trans. Durufle)  Tournemire
                Andante from Three Preludes – T. Frederick H. Candlyn

The Fourth Sunday after Easter – May 12, 2019  Morning Prayer with The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Choir Canticle  Christ our Passover – Roth
Canticles  A Song to the Lamb-Dignus es   tune: St. Magnus    text: Christopher L. Webber
                      679 The First Song of Isaiah-Ecce, Deus      Thomas Merton 
Mass      Proulx and Hurd  
Hymn      376 Hymn to Joy          645 St. Columba          208 Victory        
Solo  Psalm 23 – Dvorak 
Organ    Trio Sonata in C, BWV 529 – J. S. Bach          The Good Shepherd – Benoit          Sortie  – Tournemire

The Fifth Sunday after Easter       May 19, 2019
Mass      Proulx and Hurd 
Canticle   A Song to the Lamb-Dignus es tune: St. Magnus; text: Christopher L. Webber
Psalm 148    C. H. H. Parry, adapt./Tone 8.2
Anthem  The Call R. V. Williams
Hymn    457 St. James         455 Dunedin           195 Mowsley          432 Laudate Dominum
Organ  Rhythm of Easter Bingham          Allabreve  J. S. Bach        Alleluia! Praise our God Scheidemann           

The Sixth Sunday after Easter       May 26, 2019  
Mass      Proulx and Hurd 
Canticle   Christ our Passover metrical: Diademata; text: Christopher L. Webber
Psalm 67      metrical setting       tune: Old 100th         text: Webber
Anthem  Wondrous Love anon. British tune; A. Clarke, arr.
Hymn    376 Hymn to Joy          567 St. Matthew          383 St. Elizabeth          493 Azmon       Organ  Concerto in Gm, HWV 291 – Handel; de Lange, trans.               Carillon-Sortie – Mulet            Concerto in F:  Larghetto – Handel