The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost        August 27          PR16
with Steve Snodgrass, violin

Mass   Mathias and Hurd      
Psalm 124   responsorial

Anthem  O Breath of life anon. English tune; A. Bullard, arr.
Hymn   518 Westminster Abbey          254 Darwall’s 148th          644 (1-3) St. Peter          525 Aurelia
Organ and Violin   Affettuoso and Vivace (Sonata IV) Telemann          Sonata in Bm, Book IV, No. 4 François Duval
Organ Tu es Petra Mulet and Demessieux
The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost     August 20          PR15
Mass    Mathias and Hurd      
Psalm 133        Robert Knox Kennedy
Anthem   Be thou my vision R. Shephard, arr.
Hymn   380 Old 100th          704 Hereford          706 Halton  Holgate          544 Duke Street
Organ     Carillon Delamarter          Hornpipe John Cook          Corale Tavagnacco          Chorale and Toccata (Suite Gothique) Boëllmann

The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost  PR14          August 13          Daily Morning Prayer and The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Canticle     Jubilate  Hymn 377          A Song of Praise-Benedictus es, Domine S 231          Te Deum Hymn 366 (1-4)
Mass   Proulx and Hurd      
Anthem    Bread of the world Bourgeois; C. Young, arr.
Hymn   390 Lobe den Herren          709 Dundee (1-3)          699 Aberystwyth
Organ   Fanfare, Fidelis, Folk Tune, and Andante tranquillo  Whitlock

The Transfiguration          August 6   
Introit     Tone VIII.2

Mass         421 Decius, Proulx, and Hurd       
Psalm 99:5-9        responsorial        Tone VIII.2                                              
Anthem Christ, whose glory fills the skies Rachel Aarons
Hymn-Anthem   O Light of Light   C. Ratcliff
Hymn        542 St. Joan          129 Mowsley          383 St. Elizabeth          137 Wareham
Organ  Sonata II Mendelssohn          The Transfiguration Benoit         Prelude in E Lübeck

The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost  PR 12  July 30
Mass      421 Decius, Proulx, and Hurd      
Psalm 105:1-5, 8-11, 45b        Robert Knox Kennedy
Hymn-Anthem    Let all the world in every corner sing  Harwood; Power, arr.
Hymn    447 St. Magnus          613 St. Cecilia          652 (1-3) Rest          527 Ton-y-Botel
Organ  Communion in F, Pastorale in C, and Sortie in Gm Lefébure-Wély          Diapason Movement Harwood

The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost  PR 11  July  23  
Mass      421 Decius, Proulx, and Hurd      
Psalm 139:1-11      responsorial                                              
Hymn-Anthem Draw us in the spirit’s tether  Harold W. Friedell
Hymn          372 Leoni          533 Lyons          9 (1-3) Morning Song          623 O quanta qualia
Organ  Psalm-Prelude 139:11 Howells          A Meditation on “Draw us in the Spirit’s tether” G. Hancock          Grand Choeur – Dubois

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost  PR 10  July  16  
          The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II and The Installation of the Order of The Daughters  of the King, St. Mary Chapter of Church of the Holy Cross
Mass    421 Decius, Proulx, and Hurd      
Psalm 119:105-112   metrical setting
Anthem  A Hymn for Thanksgiving David H. Williams
Hymn   473 Crucifer          518 Westminster Abbey          698 Flentge          665 Michael           
Organ   Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV 536  J. S. Bach          A Pastoral Tune  G. Sampson          Grand Choeur, Op. 84 Guilmant

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost  PR 9  July  9  Morning Prayer and The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Mass    Proulx and Hurd
Canticles     Jubilate 377           A Song of Praise-Benedictus es, Domine S 231          The First Song of Isaiah 679
Anthem  Never weather-beaten sail  C. Wood
Hymn   11 Morning Hymn          692 The Third Tune          544 Duke Street
Organ   Master Tallis’ Testament  Howells          3 movements from Organ Concertos  Handel

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost  July  2       Proper 8          with Carol Lynch, oboe
Mass    Powell and Hurd
Psalm 13     metrical setting  tune:  Dickinson College

Anthem    There’s a wideness in God’s mercy  C. Hampton    
Solo  Simple Gifts Brackett; arr. Copland            

Hymn       718 National Hymn          529 McKee          316 Canticum refectionis          579 Melita
Oboe/Organ   Create in Me a Clean Heart M. Lynch; Duane Ream/ Paul Jantz, arr. Aeoliana  E. Gates
Organ   Jig W. Selby          Fanfare Sowerby

The Third Sunday after Pentecost  June 25       Proper 7
Mass    Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 86:1-6, 16-17     Robert Knox Kennedy

Anthem  Morning has broken anon. Gaelic melody; A. Clark
Hymn   47 Gott sei Dank          675 Bourbon          629 The Third Tune          296 Engelberg
Organ   Mass for the Convents (excerpts) F. Couperin          Air in B Flat Thiman                         
             Toccata in G Dubois

The Second Sunday after Pentecost   June 18      Proper 6
Mass    Mathias and Hurd
Psalm 116:1, 10-17    metrical setting
Anthem  Hail to the Lord’s Annointed German tune; H. Walford Davies, adapt./harm.; B. Power, arr.
Hymn   535 Paderborn          540 Dir, dir, Jehovah          528 Rowthorn          539 Tidings 
Organ   Hour of Consecration; Hour of Joy  Bossi         Toccata per elevatione Frescobaldi

The First Sunday after Pentecost:  Trinity Sunday   June 11 Morning Prayer and The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II   
Introit  Praise to  the Trinity Hildegard of Bingen
Canticles   Jubilate  Hymn 377          Benedicite, omnia opera Domini 427          Benedictus es, Domine S 231                            
Mass     Proulx and Hurd
Anthem   Let all mortal flesh keep silence  anon. 17th c. French; Stephen Cleobury, arr.
                Christ be with me  Rawsthorne
Hymn   362 Nicaea          370 St. Patrick’s Breastplate/Deidre          366 Grosser Gott
Organ   Prelude and Fugue in E Flat, BWV 552  J. S. Bach          Trinitas Wannes Vanderhoeven          Meditation VI on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity  Messiaen

The Day of Pentecost:  Whitsunday     June 4, 2017
Introit  Veni Creator Spiritus   Plainsong, Mode VIII
Mass    Powell and Hurd
Psalm 104:25-35, 37     responsorial     Tone VIII.2
Anthem  Come, Holy Ghost    Thiman          Gracious Spirit, dwell with me    anon. 17th cent. French; K. Lee Scott, arr.
Hymn    225 Salve festa dies          516 Down Ampney          511 Abbot’s Leigh          228 Webbe          506 Finnian
Organ   Offertory-Fantasy for Feast of Pentecost  Guilmant          Kyrie, God Holy Ghost, BWV 671  J. S. Bach          Te Deum  Demessieux