17821998863_018f3d4dfb_zThe Third Sunday of Advent     December 17
Introit O come, O come, thou Lord of might Plainsong, Mode I 
Mass    Trisagion S 102 Archangelsky, Schubert, and Hurd
Psalm 126  Tone Ia.2
Anthem  Creator of the Stars of night J. Scott, arr.
Hymn    72 Richmond          76 Winchester New          54 Nun komm der Heiden Heiland          73 St. Stephen
Organ   Drop down ye heavens from above Demessieux          Partita on Savior of the Nations, come!  Heiller          Savior of the nations, come!, BWV 661 J. S. Bach

The Second Sunday of Advent     December 10        Daily Morning Prayer with The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Introit O come, thou Branch of Jesse’s tree  Plainsong, Mode I
Invitatory Antiphon  Our King and Savior draweth nigh  Tone VIII.2
Canticles        Venite S 35  Jack Noble White          The Third Song of Isaiah-Surge, illuminare   R. N. Kennedy          
              The Song of Zechariah-Benedictus Dominus Deus   Hymn 444 Thornbury                   
Mass    Trisagion S 102 Archangelsky, Schubert and Hurd
Duet  He shall feed his flock  (Messiah)  Handel
Hymn    65 Berenden väg för Herran          Herald, sound the note of judgement Ronald Dean           57 Helmsley
Organ    Behold, the Lord comes, Op. 48 Dupré           The heavenly Word proceeding forth de Grigny and Dupré

The First Sunday of Advent     December 3     Advent Lessons and Carols with The Holy Eucharist:  Rite II
Introit      O come, thou Dayspring from on high    Plainsong, Mode I 
Mass    Schubert and Hurd
Psalm 80:1-7, 16-18   Plainsong, Tone I and Tonus Peregrinus
Anthems     Canticle of Peace  Clokey
                        The angel Gabriel  anon. Basque carol; Pettman, harm.
                        Zion hears the watchmen singing  J. S. Bach
                        Christ is the world’s true light Stanton
Solo                 Adam lay ybounden  Warlock                  
Hymn              68 Llangloffan           66 Stuttgart                             65 Bereden väg för Herran          61 Wachet auf             462 York stanzas 1-3              73 St. Stephen              
Organ            For Advent   Benoit          March of the Night Watchman (from Bach’s Memento) J. S. Bach; Widor, arr.           “Sleepers, wake!”  A voice astounds us Karg-Elert