As an Episcopal Church, Holy Cross is administered by a Rector and his staff, and governed by the Rector with the Vestry. People often think of the Vestry as a Board of Directors, and that works for a quick explanation, but it is so much more.

The Vestry is comprised of the Rector and nine members of the church. They are elected for three-year terms with three new vestry persons being elected every year by the congregation at the Annual Meeting in January. It is one of the most important ministries that members of the church are involved in as the Vestry is responsible for overseeing the finances of the parish and the physical property.

We are fortunate at Holy Cross to have a diverse congregation, which means we have a diverse vestry. The current make-up of the vestry is five women and five men, including the Rector. The racial make-up of the vestry is eight white people (including Rector), one Black woman, and one Hawaiian man. While most of the vestry is over 30 years old, members as young as 16 qualify to stand for election. And younger members are encouraged to run if interested.

For a list of the vestry with their term dates, click the vestry tab in the drop-down menu.