What is Stewardship? 

Stewardship is the giving of time, talent and treasure for the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so much more than just giving a dollar amount! When we act as stewards of the Church, we help lead the Church into the future and ensure that we hand the faith down to the next generation of Christians. 

Please make sure to fill out a pledge card, which can be found in the Narthex  (that’s the front room when you first walk into the church in the bell tower) or church office. It’s important that you fill out this card and drop it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office. These cards help us plan our fiscal budget, and it helps the priest know what ministries you’re most interested in so that he can call on you to help out! 


We want you to be involved in the Church in ways that are meaningful and uplifting to your spiritual life. And filling out a pledge card is an easy and simple way to get started. 

As Christians, part of our responsibility is to give our time to the Church. One way we do this is by attending worship services. Another way might be volunteering for one or more of our many ministries. Whether it’s the choir, altar guild, Hope House, the community garden or a new ministry that you feel called to, there are plenty of ways to spend your time for the up-building of the Kingdom of God. On the pledge card, just indicate which ministries you’re interested in so that we can give you more information.


Do you have a special talent that you would like to share with the parish? Maybe you’re really good with numbers. Or maybe you’re a great singer! Perhaps you enjoy repetitive tasks like folding bulletins. Whatever special talent you have, we want to hear about it if you’re willing to share it with us! 

The sharing of our talents is yet another way we contribute to the stewardship of Mother Church. 


Perhaps the most obvious and talked about way of being a steward is through monetary giving. But figuring out what to tithe can be difficult. Some like to think of the tithe as 10 percent, but percentages don’t always work and they aren’t always fair.

We prefer to think of our monetary giving as a sign of our thankfulness for what the Church means in our lives. It’s also important to remember that all of our giving, not just our money, is sacrificial. When you give a dollar to the Church, that’s a dollar you can’t spend on something else. When you spend an hour pulling weeds in our garden, that’s an hour you can’t spend somewhere else. This sacrificial giving is good for the soul and is an integral part of Christian discipleship. 

How can I donate?

When it comes to monetary giving, we’ve made it easier than ever to donate to Holy Cross! Click here to go to our payment page where you can make a one-time donation or a recurring gift. We encourage you to consider making a recurring gift as this helps us to plan ahead! Once you’ve decided, just enter your information, select “other” and type “tithe” into the box. Then enter the amount you wish to give and enter your payment information. No more checks or pledge envelopes if you’d rather save paper! You can also use this page to donate to Hope House or for a specific event at the parish. 

But if you prefer the tried and true method for giving, when you fill out your pledge card you’ll receive a box of envelopes labeled for each week of the year. Just put your pledge in the envelope and drop it in the offering plate on Sunday. It’s that easy. 

When you give either through the website or via envelope, you’ll also receive quarterly statements from the Church so that you can track how much you’re giving and save them for your tax records.

Whatever you decide to give, know that we are grateful for your participation in the life of our parish!